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Branded Content Stories


Branded content is the creation of content that's produced or funded by an advertiser; it has some similarities to product placement, which is where companies pay outright to showcase their products in creative works like TV, video, online games, or films. The purpose of branded content is to create awareness, positive associations, and word-of-mouth for a product or company by connecting it with characters or content that shares a similar value, ethos, and/or audience. Examples of branded content stories might include seeing the troubled protagonist drinking excellent whiskey or the good guy wearing a status jacket. Branded content is often funded by a brand using video storytelling.


If a brand has the vision to enter video storytelling, then they can work with a production company and craft a video that shares their values. When you need a team to help you to create video storytelling for branded content stories, Voyage Films can help you to shine the spotlight on your company's brand and share your vision.


Branded content stories rely on a strong narrative structure to drive its engine. And those stories revolve around the basic structure of the story: strong characters, dialogue, story arc, setting, theme, and plot. Whatever your goal is for your branded content stories, aim for your video storytelling to engage, entertain, and inform your audience to make a video that shares the goals of your company whether for an audience of investors, employees, clients, or a general audience drawn to your brand.

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