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Homo sapiens, we're storytellers. It's what makes our species unique. Well, that and the opposable thumbs. Since the times when we sheltered in caves, we've used narrative to help us communicate and cooperate. The story is one of the oldest and most intimate methods of sharing information. It was true then, and it's true today: a great story told with passion and precision is the fulcrum of creating interest and forging a legacy. Lifestyle story films foster community, engage the senses, and excite our minds into exploring the narrative.


Why are the stories that we tell so important? The narrative journey touches our hearts, inspires empathy, and employs our emotions from joy to rage, fears to hope; through the story, we experience what the Greeks called "katharsis" or purification. As Aristotle noted in Poetics, catharsis is the foundation of the dramatic arts. And catharsis is one of the strongest ways to convey thoughts, emotions, and ideas from the creative to the audience. Which is where your storytelling film comes into the picture!


What is the most challenging time in crafting a story and getting your audience's attention? The beginning of the tale. However, once they're hooked, then your audience desperately wants to discover what happens to the characters that they've come to care about; they're emotionally invested in the outcome. At Far Coast Films, we can help you find a creative way to share your narrative, using storytelling films to tell your story from your privileged, unique, and one-of-a-kind perspective.


Lifestyle story films are a fantastic marketing tool, brand builder, and company calling card. The most memorable storytelling film, the ones that stay with you, impart a tale. They evoke emotions and provoke discussion, they engage viewers' dreams, aspirations, fears, desires, and the very best ones inspire a solution. Employing a creative strategy to storytelling allows you to hold your viewers' attention, capture their imaginations, and win over their loyalty by showing your company vision in a medium that helps audiences to experience your ideas in action.

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