Separating you from the pack

Why does someone make a video? what we've discovered here at Voyage is that there are two answers for this question. Videos, films, and documentaries are made to grab attention to a certain goal and show why this goal is different then all the others.

Every ad on T.V. can be broken down into a company wanting your attention to show why they're better then the competitors. Our mission is to set you apart; let us be your guide to uniqueness. No-one knows the hard work that went/goes into building your company but you. so why not show them?

Voyage Films crafts your goals, ambition, and message into a story that defines your brand. Without a voice how is your company to stand out in all the noise.



The Voyager Way

Voyage means: to wonder-to journey-to discover. Our process starts of with just a conversation. A conversation about what you do and what makes your brand yours. Our teams identifies what you need to accomplish with your project and how to achieve it.

We are a group of storytellers. So, logically, the next step in the process is planning out how to tell your story best. From here we take it away and dive deep into location scouting, sound design, color grading, we turn your mission into the story that grabs clients attention and sets it apart from the rest. 

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It Takes a Village


Founded and operated out of Newport RI, Voyage films is a crew of motivated and talented filmmakers. These days content is getting shorter and more abundant, but that's no excuse so slack on quality story based filmmaking.   

Voyage is a small knit team of specialties. From start to finish our crew will handle all the media aspects highlighting your companies goal.